Shower Lover's Gift Box with Farm Grown Luffa
Shower Lover's Gift Box with Farm Grown Luffa
Shower Lover's Gift Box with Farm Grown Luffa
Shower Lover's Gift Box with Farm Grown Luffa

Shower Lover's Gift Box with Farm Grown Luffa

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Transform your shower into an aromatherapy spa experience with our newest gift box! This gift is perfect for any shower lover. Included in this box is our popular Refreshing Shower Mist, a bar of our Peppermint Tea Tree Soap and one farm grown Luffa Sponge. The items are beautifully packaged using a telescoping box with kraft grass fill and sealed using a grosgrain ribbon and a hand stamped sunflower wax seal.

Refreshing Shower Mist
This refreshing minty mist will transform your shower into a wonderful aromatherapy experience. Enjoy the clean and fresh scent in this special blend that has become a fast favorite around the farm. Our Jumping Lamb on the label perfectly captures how excited we are to share this shower mist with you!

Handcrafted Bar of Peppermint Tea Tree Soap
Our soap looks as beautiful as it smells! It is a cold process soap and slab cut for a rustic edge. This bar of soap is made with a refreshing blend of peppermint, tea tree and cajeput essential oils.
Weight - 4.8 ounces.

Farm Grown Luffa Sponge
While many people believe that luffas come from the sea, they are actually farm grown. Luffas are in the dishcloth gourd family and thrive in our Alabama summer heat. Once mature gourds dry out the fleshy center fruit transforms into a sponge texture. The gourds are then peeled and processed into sponges. Luffa sponges take the place of a washcloth and are perfect to gently exfoliate your skin. It is best to place them in an area in the shower where they will dry out between uses. You can clean the luffa by placing it in boiling water or running it through a dishwasher or washing machine cycle. Do not place luffa in a clothes dryer. Luffas are compostable.

Interested in growing your own luffas? Seeds are available as well. We also have a YouTube video with luffa growing and harvesting tips.


Closed gift box measures 8.2” x 6.1” x 2.8”

Note: For large quantity orders, please contact us. Email or call 256-489-0777. 

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