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1818 Farms FAQ


The Farm  

Can I visit the farm at any time? What are the farm’s hours?

1818 Farms is a working farm and we do not have set hours that we are open to the public.

We do set aside a few days in the spring where we offer tours to the public. We announce these public tour dates in the early spring each year. Be sure to sign up for our mailing list at 1818farms.com to be among the first to know when our tour dates are announced! You can check the website for availability or follow us on social media to stay updated.

We also host scheduled private tours from April to mid June. Please visit our website to inquire about a private tour (20 person minimum).

We close tours for the season in September and place our sheep in their breeding groups in October. We do not reopen until April in order to eliminate any and all stress from our expecting mamas; we promise that our healthy ewes and precious lambs are worth the wait!


How do I schedule a tour?

We announce our public tour dates early spring of each year. Be sure to sign up for our mailing list at 1818farms.com to be among the first to know when our tour dates are announced! You can check the website for availability or follow us on social media to stay updated.

Private Tours and School Field Trips are available, require a twenty-person minimum, and are available upon request. To schedule a private tour, please email us at info@1818farms.com. We will follow up with you to finalize the tour once we receive your information.


How much do private tours / field trips cost?

Tour pricing is $8 per person, with free admission for children 11 months and under. Interested in additional activities? We also offer story time, song, and crafts! Pricing is listed below.

Tour Only – $8 per adult/chaperones not participating in additional activities

Tour, Story, Song – $10 per participant

Tour, Story, Song, and Craft – $12 per participant


How long are tours? What will I get to do?

Tours start at 9:30 a.m. and typically last an hour to an hour and a half. If other activities are added, we typically wrap up before 12.

With our standard guided tours, you will get to see and interact with all of our residents, stroll through our beautiful flower garden, and learn about the importance of getting back to the land. From feeding our hens and gathering eggs, meeting our flock of Southdown Babydoll Sheep, and watching our pigs perform tricks, you’ll feel like a farm hand yourself! Additional activities can be requested in the private tours.

 View a recent "Virtual Tour" below for a glimpse of 1818 Farms....


Where do I park?

We will have signs to guide you, so please park along the front of our fence line on Market Street, facing the farm. For GPS directions, enter 24889 Lauderdale Street, Mooresville, AL 35649.


Are products available for purchase at the farm?

During scheduled tours, workshops and events, we will have some of our bath, beauty, home and style products available for purchase inside our garden house.

Are you in the area and looking for 1818 Farms products? Visit Southern Carnage Bicycles in Mooresville to browse a selection of our product line. Southern Carnage is the big red building in the front of town. You can’t miss it. Not in our area? You can shop anytime at our online store or visit any of our retailers near you.


How can I purchase eggs?

We do not sell eggs.


How can I attend a Farm to Table Dinner?

Currently, there are not plans for Farm to Table Dinner this year.


What workshops do you host?

We host a wide variety of workshops, from raising your own backyard chickens and raised bed gardening, to bloom strolls, we have something to pique everyone’s interest! Click here to explore all of our workshop offerings. Join our mailing list to be informed when we announce new workshops.


How do I purchase flowers?

Bouquet delivery is available in the Athens, Decatur, Madison and Huntsville areas.

Needing freshly cut flowers for an event? Need wholesale pricing?  Interested in having the Flower Truck appear at your private event? Email us at info@1818farms.com for pricing and availability.  


How do I schedule a photo shoot?

Our green paddocks and beautiful flower garden will provide the perfect scenic backdrop for your images. Email us at info@1818farms.com to schedule your photo shoot or check availability of the Flower Truck for your shoot. Visit our Photo Shoot page for more info and pictures.


What kind of animals do you have at the farm?

We have several hens, a Great Pyrenees guardian, two little pigs, a mischievous goat, barn cats, and our beautiful flock of Southdown Babydoll Sheep. Learn more about our sheep here.


Do you sell lambs?

We sell our Southdown Babydoll Lambs as pets only. Please email us at info@1818farms.com if you would like to fill out an application to be placed on our waitlist.


Do you sell chickens?

We do not sell chickens.


Why are you called "1818 Farms?"

Located on three acres in the northwest corner of the historic village of Mooresville, AL (pop. 58), 1818 Farms is named for the year Mooresville was incorporated (1818), one year before Alabama became a state (1819). Learn more about Mooresville, AL here


The Flower Truck 

Do you grow your own flowers?

Each year we spend countless hours planning our garden design, seed starting, planting, growing and harvesting our flowers and herbs. This year we planted over 14,000 seeds and plugs. We occasionally supplement our heirloom farm fresh flowers with a few complementary blooms that are difficult to grow in our climate. Flower farming takes a lot of planning and hard work. It is so rewarding to watch the garden bloom with color each spring and share the joy of flowers with our community.


Can I rent the flower truck for special events?

Our flower truck is sure to make any event special with its vintage charm and beautiful flowers! Call 256-489-0777 or email info@1818farms.com to reserve the 1818 Farms Flower Truck for your next event.


Can I get my picture taken with the flower truck?

Absolutely! Call 256-489-0777 or email info@1818farms.com to schedule your photo shoot. You can reserve the flower truck for your next photo shoot, or schedule a photo shoot on site at the farm with the truck. Go to our Photo Shoot page to learn more.


Do you sell flowers in bulk?

Do you need a larger quantity of flowers for an event? We also sell our blooms by the bucket for pickup at the farm! Call 256-489-0777 or email info@1818farms.com for pricing and availability.


What is the make/model/year of the flower truck?

The 1818 Farms Flower Truck is a baby blue 1965 Ford F100. Before becoming the 1818 Farms Flower Truck, she spent her life with a family in Southern California.


How do I sign up for the Bloom Stroll workshop? 
Our Bloom Stroll Workshop has quickly become our most popular event. Sharing the ins and outs of planting, cutting and growing flowers is such a joy. Click here to sign up for one of our Bloom Stroll workshops. Be sure to join our mailing list to be among the first to know about upcoming workshop dates.


The Products

Are your products all natural?

At 1818 Farms, we strive to give you the best possible products with the fewest and simplest ingredients possible. It is our mission to get back to the basics and educate our followers on the importance of knowing what we apply on our skin. You will likely recognize every ingredient listed on the label. All of our products are preservative, phthalate, and paraben free.

Click here to read our Mission Statement.


Are your products organic?

While our products are not certified organic, they are handcrafted with 100% therapeutic and spa grade ingredients.


Why do you use fragrances? What types of fragrances do you use?

All of our fragrances have been thoroughly tested and are free of parabens and phthalates. We utilize essential oils in our products whenever possible, however some scents are difficult to emulate without the use of fragrances. 


Do your products require refrigeration? Why do you sometimes ship my order in a cooler?

Because our products do not contain preservatives, the ingredients can separate when exposed to heat. To protect the integrity of your favorite 1818 Farms products, please keep them at or below room temperature, or 76°F.


What is the shelf life of your products?

In an effort to keep our products as simple and natural as possible, we choose not to include artificial preservatives. Our products have a typical shelf life of one year.


Where can I buy your products?

Our products are available in stores and some spas across the United States. Click here to find an 1818 Farms retailer near you, or shop anytime by visiting our online store. 1818 Farms products not yet available in your hometown? Tell your favorite store owner that it is easy to “join our flock.”


Do you wholesale your products to other stores/businesses?

Our products are available for wholesale purchase. To learn more about becoming an 1818 Farms retailer, please visit our Wholesale page.


How much Shea Crème do I use in an application?

Our Shea Crème is extremely concentrated; a little goes a long way. A pea size amount of Shea Crème is enough to moisturize both hands.


Why doesn't the Shea Creme weigh 4 oz (or 8 oz)?

Our handcrafted Shea Creme is labeled by volume and not weight. A 4 fl oz or 8 fl oz jar will not weigh 4 ounces or 8 ounces. This is why the jar is labeled with the “fl” fluid in front of the ounce marking. We also have the equivalent ml designation printed on the jars, 118 ml and 236 ml, as the appropriate measurement of volume.

When we make the Shea Creme, the ingredients are combined and heated into a liquid form. The Shea Creme is packaged into the jar as a liquid and the jar fill line indicates either 4 fl oz or 8 fl oz.

We understand this can be confusing and hope this clears up any questions. This light and fluffy product is measured in volume not weight.


Why isn’t my Shea Crème fluffy any more?

Our Shea Creme’s primary ingredients are Shea Butter and Coconut Oil and do not contain preservatives. When exposed to heat, the natural oils separate. Store your Shea Crème at room temperature to ensure that it keeps the whipped texture that you know and love.


Can I purchase your Shea Crème in a smaller size?

Our 2 oz Shea Creme is not available for individual sale, but is included in several of our Spa Kits and Shea Creme Sampler Sets.


Can I purchase your Chemo Patient Care Package without the labeling?

We are required to label each product and list the ingredients. However, if you wish to order the Chemo Patient Care Package without any reference to “Chemo,” you may like to purchase our Wishing You Well Care Package. You may still choose the unscented varieties that are included in the Chemo Patient Care Package, or another Shea Crème and/or Handmade Soap scent. This gift also includes a small notebook for jotting down important information, lists and thoughts all in one place. This sturdy keepsake box is finished with a beautiful ribbon and our 1818 Farms wax seal.


Do you grow your coffee beans?

Our coffee beans are roasted by O’ Henry’s Coffee in Birmingham, AL.

O’ Henry’s Coffee sources the top 1% of green coffee in the world, in some cases purchasing the crop of one small farmer. This extra effort brings the best coffee from seed to your cup and also helps small farms; both of which are important to us at 1818 Farms.

We use 100% Arabica beans because they are naturally mild, but have a rich flavor.


"Where I Bloom"

What is the origin of "Where I Bloom?"

1818 Farms launched the "Where I Bloom" Collection in 2024 as a way to display the beauty of our pressed flowers while also connecting with the places that mean the most to our many friends, family, and followers. This collection has allowed us to get to know our "flock" even better and learn about everyone's happy place.

Whether someone is a native resident, a transplant, or simply has a fond connection to a particular state, the “Where I Bloom” products serve as a tangible reminder of the place where they truly Bloom. It's also a celebration of individuality and shared connection, all through the delicate beauty of nature.


Are the Flowers real? What type flowers are used? Where are they from?

The flowers are real! Each "Where I Bloom" product includes a wide selection of flowers and foliage grown, harvested, pressed and artfully designed at 1818 Farms. These flowers can be grown anywhere in the United States. The pressed flowers used to create each state design may include the following varieties: ranunculus, hellebores, anemones, delphinium, larkspur, bachelor buttons, sweet william, violas, pansies, campanula, snapdragon, sweet peas, dahlias, cosmos, forget-me-nots, zinnias, ageratum, indigo, carnations, rudbeckia, bupluerum, statice, zinnias, sunflowers, amaranthus, gomphrena, verbena, lisianthus, dyers chamomile, celosia (flamingo feather, chief, celway, pampus plume, flamingo purple), borage, daisies, asters, babies breath, coneflowers, strawflower, bee balm, ammobium, scabiosa, orlaya, daucus dara, Mexican sunflower, blue salvia, roses, fern and other flower foliage.


What is Giclee Art?

"Where I Bloom" Giclee Art is artwork that is reproduced on 100% cotton fine art paper using a Giclee printer. A Giclee printer uses pigment based inks and is considered archival quality with a 100% acid-free base. This printing method produces the most vibrant, true to life reproduction of the original artwork.


What does the Certificate of Archivability mean?
The certificate confirms that the "Where I Bloom" art print meets the archival standards set forth by the Fine Art Trade Guild for ph and lightfastness as enumerated in their blue wool test. You will receive a Certificate with each order of a "Where I Bloom" art print.


What type tshirt do you use?

We use Comfort Colors 6030 for our "Where I Bloom" Tshirts.

What type printing method is used for these tshirts?

DTF (Direct to Fabric), which is known for its excellent color accuracy and detail. DTF prints are also more durable than screen-printed or vinyl designs. The ink is bonded to the fabric, so it won't crack, peel, or fade like other methods. DTF prints can also withstand multiple washes without losing their color or quality.


What is a Flour Sack Towel?

The "Where I Bloom" Flour Sack Towel is 100% cotton and is prewashed. Your towel will become softer with each laundering. Each towel is USA-sewn and printed.


What is the size of the Flour Sack Towel?

Approximate dimensions of the "Where I Bloom" Flour Sack Towels are 22" x 36" (Slight variations in finished towel size is expected.)


What are the coasters made of?

The "Where I Bloom" coasters are printed in full color on thick, premium coaster board. 3.7" in diameter.


What size are the coasters?

The "Where I Bloom" coasters are 3.7" in diameter.


What cardstock are the notecards?

The "Where I Bloom" notecards are printed on 100lb card stock.


What size are the notecards?

Folded size of the "Where I Bloom" notecards are 4.25” x 5.5”.


What type stickers are these? Are they waterproof?

The "Where I Bloom" stickers are high quality, vinyl stickers. These stickers are weather resistant and have a premium matte finish.


What size are the stickers?

The "Where I Bloom" stickers are dye cut. Sizes vary. Approximate length 4".