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Pressed Flowers for Resin and DIY Crafts

Pressed Flowers for Resin and DIY Crafts

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This selection of our farm grown pressed flowers is perfect for anyone who is interested in creating resin artwork and DIY crafts.  The flowers are vacuum sealed and come with one piece of 9 X 12 watercolor paper that can be used as a mounting backing. 

These are the same flower varieties that we use when creating resin coasters, trays and charcuterie boards. We have also arranged these types of flowers in clear, floating glass frames. The crafting possibilities are endless. 

All flowers are farm grown in Alabama and harvested at their peak. They are naturally dried using a professional grade flower press. We do not use color corrective processes. You will receive a variety of 24-28 unique flowers, depending on size. The following flower varieties may be included:

Daucus Dara, Ranunculus, Flamingo Feather Celosia, Sirius Blue Salvia, Bachelor Buttons, Gomphrena, Dahlias, Solidago, Indigo, Delphinium, Bupleurum, Violas, Chief Celosia, Pampus Plume Celosia, Dyers Chamomile, Hydrangea, Zinnias, Nigella, Bee Balm

Colors will vary by flower set. 

You will need a pair of scissors to open the vacuum seal bag. Carefully, cut the end of the bag and slowly slide the watercolor paper out of the bag. The flowers are fragile and should be gently handled.

These flowers are not edible and should only be used for crafting purposes.


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