Recent Podcast Appearances by 1818 Farms' Natasha McCrary

Recent Podcast Appearances by 1818 Farms' Natasha McCrary

In the last year, Natasha McCrary of 1818 Farms has sat down with seven amazing podcast hosts to share her story, her business, flower tips, and more. Follow the links below to listen. We hope you enjoy. 


Growing Much More Than Flowers at 1818 Farms. Turning a Dream Into a Year-Round Business With Natasha McCrary
Margo is joined by Natasha McCrary of 1818 Farms. After one of her sons became interested in raising his own sheep, she began to dream of her own plans for a small profitable farm where she could teach her children to appreciate the land and animals and to be good conservationists as well as learn the importance of sustainability and eating local "real" food.


How to make the most of your flowers with Natasha McCrary of 1818 Farms | Let's Grow, Girls Podcast
This week we are joined by Natasha from 1818 farms to talk all things dried flowers, soaps, wax sachets.



Natasha McCrary of 1818 Farms Featured in Latest Flower Power Garden Hour Podcast
What started out as a passing interest for Natasha McCrary’s son has turned into a full fledged farm with the primary mission of promoting and saving baby doll sheep. As the years progressed, the farm has now become a source of cut flowers, essential oil products, farm events and more. I talk to Natasha about how she goes about growing cut flowers in her home state of Alabama. For anyone wanting to venture into the business of cut flowers or if you want to grow your own, she is a wealth of knowledge… from must have varieties, when to plant, when to harvest and more. And of course we learn what baby doll sheep are!


Team Flower Podcast listeners, you are in for a treat with this episode. Natasha is full of knowledge and has years of experience planning a farm, growing flowers, and leading a team (amongst other things). She’s constantly learning and is more than willing to share what she knows with the floral industry. On this episode, you’ll hear about:
- 1818 Farms’ new product line: dried flowers and bath + lifestyle products

- How to plan a flower farm

- A day in the life

- What to do when a crop fails

- Moving crops to different plots

- Top 5 flowers you should grow

- Tips for communicating with your team effectively



Welcome back to the Porch Cast!

Today, I sit down with Natasha McCrary, founder of 1818 Farms in Moorseville, Alabama, and recipient of Amazon’s Woman-Owned Small Business of the Year award! Natasha jumped in to farming after being in sales and computer programming. She started out with only a few sheep, to eventually adding goats, pigs, chickens and more! In a combined effort between family and a strong business team, she has managed to grow her farm and business to what it is today. She tells us her advice on women starting their own business, what she wants us to know about farming, and how her business plan changed in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It was such an honor to share our farm story with Debra Prinzing of Slow Flowers in her latest podcast episode. During our conversation, we dive into all things flowers, beauty and of course, babydoll sheep. I hope you will listen along to our conversation and that you learn a little more about our family farm.



I enjoyed telling our farm story and sharing tips on season extension and achieving sustainability in a flower farm business on The Flower Podcast. Below you will find the podcast link, as well as the Youtube video of our chat.

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