1818 Farms Launches Its New "Where I Bloom" Collection

1818 Farms Launches Its New "Where I Bloom" Collection

1818 Farms, the lush flower farm located in historic Mooresville, Alabama renowned for creating premium skincare and lifestyle products, unveils new botanical artistry collection featuring pressed flower art for all fifty states: the Where I Bloom collection. Over 50 species of flowers are carefully dried, maintaining their natural beauty, and then meticulously arranged to create a beautiful piece of artwork that celebrates the places that have made a profound impact in your life.

The collection is an expansion of the company's zero waste initiative, utilizing every flower of the farm's annual 15,000 plants. The sustainable artwork is available on a range of products, including archivable Giclee prints, notecards, flour sack towels, stickers, t-shirts and coasters.

The Where I Bloom collection offers the opportunity for 1818 Farms' customers to reflect on the location in which they feel a sense of home, pride and personal identity. 1818 Farms' owner and founder, Natasha McCrary encourages customers to share their own "bloom stories," with each purchase, celebrating each unique story that connects individuals to a state.

Each state features an array of flowers and foliage, carefully grown, harvested and pressed at the family farm in Alabama. Following the design process, the art piece undergoes professional photography at the highest resolution. The resultant photograph of the original artwork is then used to produce all products. The Giclee prints are unique due to the process of using pigment-based inks. This archival-quality printing method produces the most vibrant, true-to-life reproductions of original artwork. You can expect to enjoy this piece of art for generations.

"It has been a joy seeing our customers connect to the Where I Bloom line," stated Natasha McCrary, founder and owner of 1818 Farms. "I enjoy hearing the reason that someone is drawn to purchasing a specific state and why it is a place that they or someone they love truly Bloom. The Where I Bloom line is a way to display the beauty of our pressed flowers while also connecting with the places that mean the most to anyone."

This line provides a meaningful opportunity for customers to connect with those who share the same love of a state. It goes beyond being a mere collection; it's an embodiment of the places where individuals truly bloom—where their stories unfold, memories are made and identities are forged. For more insight into the collection, visit the collection's social media pages @whereibloom_.
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