Baby Girl’s Adventure at 1818 Farms

On March 26, 2020, 1818 Farms welcomed a surprise visitor. Our babydoll sheep lambs were not due until April 2nd, but one little ewe made an early entrance into the world. When I arrived at the barn around 5:00 pm, I saw a cream fluff ball in the pasture near one of our ewes, Sugar. 1818 Farms' Baby Girl at BirthAs I entered the pasture, I heard the soft baa of a lamb calling her Mama. Right before my eyes laying in the tufts of Spring, green grass was the most precious lamb. She could not have been more than an hour old. Her fleece was still wet, but she was already walking and nursing. This tiny ewe lamb was so curious, which is unusual just after birth. She walked right up to me and the other animals in the pasture, almost like she was introducing herself to us. The lamb also looked exactly like her Mama, Sugar, a member of our foundation flock at the farm. I immediately knew this sweet lamb, with so much personality, would live her life at 1818 Farms. She was tiny and wooly, with one of the sweetest faces that I have ever seen. My mind kept saying, “What a beautiful Baby Girl.” From that moment, the surprise lamb became known at our farm, and to friends, as Baby Girl.

Baby Girl is happy and healthy. A few hours after she was born, Baby Girl was already hopping in the pastures and among the other pregnant ewes. At times, it appeared that she had little springs attached to her hoofs because she would bounce so high.

1818 Farms Baby Girl and JusticeBaby Girl loves her Mama, but was immediately interested in befriending the other farm animals at 1818 Farms. Her first friend was Justice, our Great Pyrenees farm dog and livestock guardian. Baby Girl would follow Justice around the field and snuggle up beside her for naps. One day I saw Baby Girl carrying a stick in her mouth just like our dogs!

Baby Girl was so playful. She was constantly trying to get her Mama to play, but Sugar was not interested in lamb games. Baby Girl needed lamb friends to leap with in the field. 1818 Farms Baby GirlNone of the other pregnant babydoll sheep ewes had yet delivered. This obviously made Baby Girl sad. She would look through the fence at the pigs during the day. I believe she wondered, “Who are these farm animals, and would they like to play?” One day, as I was doing farm chores, I heard the pigs oinking away at the paddock gate. Guess what I saw? Baby Girl had squeezed under the fence to play with the pigs!

Even without lamb friends to play with, Baby Girl still found a way to have fun with the other farm animals. 1818 Farms' Baby Girl at BirthAfter a long day of playtime, she was always very tired. Once Baby Girl was tucked into her stall at night, she would snuggle with her Mama and dream about the day when her lamb friends would arrive!

Finally, after waiting for almost two weeks, her new lamb friends were born. In just a few days, Baby Girl had seven new playmates. Baby Girl loved all the new lambs, but Bruno quickly became her best friend. They loved to run and play together, and sometimes they made mischief. One night at feeding time, I found them frolicking in the hay stall. They were hopping from bale to bale like bunny rabbits.

Baby Girl’s favorite games to play with her lamb friends are “Chase” and “King of the Straw Bale.” Before long, I bet they will be having a jumping contest.

What other types of adventures do you think that Baby Girl will have at 1818 Farms?




We recently held a Giveaway promotion where we asked children aged 4-12 to submit stories and pictures of Baby Girl and her further adventures.

You can see some of our favorite entries below. Baby Girl has some talented followers! 


Winners of the Giveaway promotion received the Baby Girl Prize Package.

1818 Farms Baby Girl Prize PackThe Prize Package includes the following: Sheep Tote Bag, Plush Baby Girl Lamb, Bottle of Counting Sheep Linen and Room Spray, 1818 Farms Youth T-Shirt, Printed Canvas of Baby Girl (Size 8x8), Small piece of our sheep’s wool, and a group ZOOM call meeting Baby Girl and a few of her farm friends at 1818 Farms. 




Education is an integral part of the mission of 1818 Farms. Since we were unable to welcome visitors at the farm during the Spring of 2020, we wanted to bring farm education to your home via storytelling and a virtual farm tour. In an effort to encourage reading, writing, drawing and creativity for elementary aged children, please use Baby Girl's Adventure as a guide. Caregivers are encouraged to read Baby Girl’s Adventure at 1818 Farms with their children and watch our virtual farm tour. Have your child write a mini story telling what type of adventure they believe Baby Girl is having at 1818 Farms and draw a simple picture at the bottom (examples below). 


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