Candles (4.2oz Traveler Tin - Citrus Breeze)

Candles (4.2oz Traveler Tin - Citrus Breeze)

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1818 Farms Aroma, our line of Coconut Wax Blend Candles, are designed to bring your favorite scents of 1818 Farms into your home.  We chose coconut wax for our candles due to its natural properties, long, clean burn times, as well as excellent scent throw.

This listing is for Citrus Breeze and echoes the citrus scent you love in our Citrus Breeze Shea Crème.

We also offer the following scents in limited quantities. Shop our full 1818 Farms Aroma Candle collection for more information.

1818 Farms Christmas

1818 Farms Christmas candle combines the scents of the season: Christmas greenery, Christmas cookies and crisp December weather.

1818 Farms Sunrise

1818 Farms Sunrise candle brings a sweet citrus scent that adds brightness to anytime of your day.


1818 Farms Blushberry’s clean and soft scent is a favorite for any room. Not too citrusy and not too sweet, Blushberry brings the perfect balance.

Evergreen Path

1818 Farms Evergreen Path candle reminds us of the crisp woodsy smell of the Christmas trees, wreaths and garlands used on our farm and in our home.

Green Pastures

1818 Farms Green Pastures candle echoes the fresh cut grass scent you love in our Green Pastures Shea Crème.

Wedding Cake

1818 Farms Wedding Cake candle echoes the soft undertone of vanilla scent you love in our Wedding Cake Shea Crème.

White Ember

1818 Farms White Ember candle is a soothing and calm scent that brings warmth into any part of your home.

Our candles are available in a convenient 4.2 oz traveler tin that is perfect for someone who is always on the go. The Traveler Tins provide an approximate burn time of 18 hours.

Hand poured by us in Alabama!

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What size are the 1818 Farms candles?

1818 Farms candles only come in one size: a 4.2 oz traveler tin.

How long do the candles last?

The 1818 Farms 4.2oz Traveler Tin candles have an approximate burn time of 18 hours.

What are the candles made of?

1818 Farms makes our candles from coconut wax. The reason we do this is because coconut wax has natural properties, long, clean burn times, as well as excellent scent throw.

Are the candles made on site?

Yes, these 1818 Farms coconut wax blend candles are hand poured by us in Alabama.

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