1818 Farms Select Relaxation and Self Care Gift Box

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Shea Creme Scent
Take good care of yourself or someone you love with this thoughtful and exquisite collection of handcrafted items! Now more than ever, it is important to take care of yourself and make time for relaxation and comfort. Designed to enhance and support your self-care routines, this curated gift box has it all.
The items in this lovely gift are nestled in our reusable handcrafted wooden box with fitted lid and finished with a lovely sheer ribbon. Remember to send us your words for a handwritten note to go along with this special gift.



1818 Farms Popular Shea Crème in our 4 fl oz size (Your choice of scent)

Keep it simple! Our Shea Creme is composed of the most basic butters and is an item you will love for daily skincare. The 1818 Farms Shea Crème is our best-selling product and is known for its light and fluffy texture. A little bit of this fabulous crème goes a long way! There are just three ingredients inside: Shea Butter, Coconut Oil and an essential oil or fragrance.


Argan Face Serum

Try pronouncing most of the ingredients in your daily moisturizer. Are these the things you want to put on your face?

Our Argan Face Serum is a "must have," daily moisturizing product. Apply the serum before bedtime and in the mornings after washing your face. It only takes a few drops of this concentrated serum to feel hydrated. The serum absorbs quickly and is not greasy.


Cuticle Balm

The 1818 Farms Cuticle Balm is the product of choice for pampering hardworking hands and nails. It is made with only premium, simple ingredients. The 1818 Farms Cuticle Balm is a great gift for anyone who uses and washes their hands a lot. It is perfect for gardeners, healthcare workers, teachers and anyone who needs to give a little extra attention to his or her hands and nails.


Lavender Goat’s Milk Bath Tea

Our Lavender Goat's Milk Bath Tea is addictive! This is the “go to” bath product when you need to feel totally pampered. The combination of the powdered goat’s milk, pink Himalayan salt and cocoa butter leaves your skin feeling soft all over. The dried lavender buds and essential oil in the bath tea are soothing and relaxing. Our handcrafted bath tea isn't just a bath....it is an experience!


1818 Farms Reflect Bath Crush Mini

We have taken our popular Bath Crush and packaged it for single use. This Relaxation and Self Care Gift Box contains our Reflect Bath Crush Mini. This product combines the benefits of Epsom Salt and the moisturizing properties of cocoa and shea butters. Bath Crush is the perfect addition to your bath after a long day. To use, sprinkle entire contents into a running bath. For a convenient hand or foot soak, add contents of tube to a basin of warm water.


Handcrafted Soap in Oatmeal, Milk & Honey scent

Our soap looks as beautiful as it smells! It is a cold process soap and slab cut for a rustic edge. The Oatmeal inside brings gentle exfoliation with each use. Great for all skin types.


Hand Poured Traveler Sized Candle in White Ember scent

1818 Farms Coconut Wax Blend Candles are designed to bring the favorite scents of 1818 Farms into your home. We chose coconut wax for our candles due to its natural properties, long, clean burn times, as well as excellent scent throw. 1818 Farms White Ember candle is a soothing and calm scent that brings warmth into any part of your home.

Counting Sheep Linen & Room Spray

It just takes a quick spray to freshen your linens before bath time and bedtime. Counting Sheep Linen & Room Spray is also a wonderful choice for freshening your home, office, laundry room, car or bathroom. It only takes a few spritzes of this lavender essential oil based spray to transform a smelly place to a pleasant space!

Handwoven Traditional Turkish Towel

This premium Turkish towel is designed in the USA and created in Tavas, Turkey, by a second-generation weaving master using traditional Turkish looms. Made from 100% Natural Turkish Cotton, these towels are very absorbent, quick drying, durable and versatile. Size: 39x74 inches.


Handcrafted wooden box measures 11"x 11" x 7"

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