1818 Farms Hosts Fall Entertaining Workshop

We had a delightful day at 1818 Farms on September 28 at our Fall Entertaining Workshop and Luncheon. 24 guests enjoyed meeting the farm animals and seeing our lavender plants, flowers, and the vegetable garden. Then, to the Garden House where we were greeted by LeeLee Wiginton of Lyn’s Gracious Goodness and were served wine, mimosas, and mint tea. The wine and champagne bottles were chilled in a pumpkin punch bowl, beautifully carved by LeeLee. The tables were decorated with gorgeous arrangements of flower-filled pumpkins, speckled swan gourds, and the napkins around the silverware had sprigs of lavender tucked in the ribbon. We were treated to a delicious lunch prepared by LeeLee: curried chicken salad in butternut squash cups, salads of heirloom tomatoes and lettuces from my garden and the Green Street Market, and yeast rolls. Pumpkin bread was passed around for dessert.

LeeLee shared her creative ideas for fall entertaining using pumpkins, seasonal flowers, and other natural materials. She made votive candle holders out of apples, and used a gold pen to write names on fall leaves and tiny pumpkins for place “cards.” I hope everyone had as much fun as I had and took home some new ideas for fall decorations.

And, as we were finishing our luncheon, Cupcake, our pot bellied piglet, wandered into the Garden House to check for crumbs.

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