The “Three Little Pigs” at 1818 Farms

Cupcake, a black female pot-bellied pig, was born August 20, 2012. We found her on Craig’s List offered by a local farmer, who met us with his plastic tub full of piglets in the Walmart parking lot on September 5. Eliza chose the only black one and we drove home with her in my lap. After she drank some milk, and got most of it on herself, we bedded her down in the chick’s brooder, nestled in some baby blankets. She was very nervous at first and still squeals loudly whenever we pick her up, but she has adjusted to her new home quickly.

Cupcake has quickly gained a following, thanks to this wonderful eggton blog entry and accompanying video.

In 2013, Mr. Wrigley and Clover joined Cupcake at 1818 Farms. Mr. Wrigs came to us from our friends (the Griffins) in Huntsville. And Clover came from Allenbrooke Farms in Spring Hill, TN. Mr. Wrigs and Clover became fast friends and are always together. Clover has since learned a few tricks that she loves to show visitors: sit, jump, and circle.