1818 Farms is Proud Sponsor of Upcoming Historic Mooresville, AL Bicentennial Celebration

1818 Farms is proud to be sponsoring our hometown’s Bicentennial celebration. Starting next month, and running through the end of 2018, Mooresville, AL will be hosting various events that honor our town’s rich history. Below are just some of the exciting activities planned.

Historic Mooresville, incorporated November 16, 1818, celebrates its Bicentennial by presenting

Behind the Picket Fence…History Lives

                                                                                                                                                                        Presented by:         

Mooresville’s rich history has been divided into a series of events envisioned to present five unique and educational experiences.

Highlighting a specific time period, each event will celebrate our Town’s rich heritage, history, and the lives of those who have shaped our Town.


Salant ala – They’re Returning Here  ***  September 2017

Learn about Chickasaw culture and heritage through music, dance, storytelling, and living history in an entertaining and educational multi-day festival for the 4th graders of Limestone County.


Portrait of the Beginning  *** April 2018

Hear compelling life stories of residents of Mooresville who laid the cornerstone of the town we know today.


Camped on a Stream  ***  June 2018

Experience life during the Civil War as the Town interprets several events that occurred in Mooresville during wartime.


A Town that Grew with Change  ***  September 2018

Enjoy an unique outdoor museum that documents Mooresville’s progress and transformation through the twentieth century.


November 2018 – Celebrate Mooresville’s past, present, and future at a dedication of the Bicentennial Park in an intimate birthday celebration.

Unique sponsorship opportunities available.

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Visit MooresvilleAL.com for more information.

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