Sheep to Nest Backyard Lover's Gift Box

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Do you know someone who loves to watch and feed the birds? Our Sheep to Nest Backyard Lover's Gift Box is a fabulous combination of the newest items from our farm plus a couple of extra special favorites. Many of you have asked for a gift ‘bundle’ from our farm, so we have gathered a few of the items you love with backyard birding and the love of all nature in mind. The premium gift box is lovingly finished with cream crinkle grass, a cream ribbon and an 1818 Farms wax seal. Include a handwritten note: Let us know what you want to say, and we will write the note for you!

Wool Filled Suet Feeder
From Sheep to Nest...... Birds will enjoy pulling tufts of our sheep's wool from this decorative suet feeder to build a cozy nest. The soft wool provides a warm place for adult birds to rest and a cushion for their eggs. To use, hang the wool filled suet feeder on a shepherd's hook, in a tree, or near your bird feeder. Each suet feeder is filled with Babydoll sheep wool. The wool is hand washed using an all-natural plant based cleaner. The wool is hand carded and dye free.
You may notice some vegetation in the wool. This is a natural occurrence and is perfectly safe for birds to use.
After the initial use, the decorative metal suet cage can be refilled with wool or used as a feeder.

Hyacinth Bean Seeds
Hyacinth Bean - Ruby Moon - Dolichos lablab (Ornamental)
This stunning climber is a must grow variety at the farm. Its dark green foliage, purple sweet pea shaped flowers and shiny deep purple bean pods make unique additions to bouquets from summer until frost.
Each packet contains 15 seeds. Trellising is required. Beans can grow up to twelve feet tall.
*Not Edible

Lemongrass Hand Crafted Soap
Our Lemongrass soap looks as beautiful as it smells! The lemongrass herb and lemongrass essential oil in this fresh smelling soap help wash away the dirt of the day. It is a cold process soap and slab cut for a rustic edge. Weight - 4.8 ounces

Gomphrena Flour Sack Towel
This extra soft Flour Sack Towel features gomphrena, one of our favorite farm fresh flowers. Gomphrena bunches are not only available as fresh cuts during the summer months but are also dried for wreath making and seasonal floral arrangements. Enjoy the beauty of freshly harvested flowers year round with our 100% cotton crinkle wash flour sack towel. Each towel measures 20”x30”. This colorful towel is sure to become a favorite in the kitchen!

Note: For large quantity orders, please contact us. Email or call 256-489-0777.

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