New Lambs arrive at 1818 farms

This afternoon about 3:30, my mother Janice, Gamble and Eliza and I returned from Kentucky with our cream-colored lambs from Bluegrass Babydolls farm. They are adorable but still need some taming. And, they are so much bigger than our two black lambs. While we were at the farm in Kentucky, one of the owners showed us how to position the lambs, sitting on their bottoms, for trimming their hooves. Eliza’s lamb, Lulu – is a very BIG girl! The other lamb, Buttercup, is Waggoner’s.

On the way home, we had to stop to get the lambs some water, and I chose a liquor store in a strip center that had plenty of parking. When I asked the proprietor for some water for her lambs, he said he had never been asked THAT before. Same story with the decorator at Richard’s Lighting in Huntsville when I asked for a light for her hen house small enough that the chickens wouldn’t roost on.

The black lambs, and the dogs, Kroaker and Justice, welcomed Lulu and Buttercup with sniffs and wagging tails. The goats were tussling out in the pasture when they arrived, but I’m sure they won’t care. Goats are cool. I think everyone will get along just fine.

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