Kain Arrives!

On Thursday, November 7, my mother, my daughter, and I began our 928-mile round-trip journey to Jadwin, MO to collect our Babydoll Sheep herd sire, Kain, a beautiful 6-month old black ram. The breeders are Hazel Atteberry and her husband and daughter of Dogwood Farm. They name their rams for WWE professional wrestlers, and our Kain is named for the superstar, Kane, a 7 foot tall, 300-pound, 3-time world champion. Our ram has a lot to live up to!

After many stops and constant ram complaining, we arrived home on Saturday, November 9, and coaxed Kain out of his dog carrier in the back of my SUV. He will be quarantined for five days before he is introduced to our ewes, Lulu, Buttercup, and Daisy. With luck we will welcome new lambs next April or May.

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