First of the Babydoll Sheep arrive at 1818 Farms

Our two “black” Babydoll lambs have arrived!

Gamble, my nephew Payne, and I traveled 10 hours to Tennessee and back today to get our first two lambs. They are the cutest animals I have ever seen! They look and feel like stuffed toy animals. Many townspeople were here to greet our newest additions to 1818 Farms. The lambs have met our menagerie and are settling in at the barn in a stall by themselves for three weeks to make sure they don’t pick up any parasites from the other animals. Kroaker didn’t seem interested once he had given them a cursory sniff. The lambs will be allowed out into the petting area some during the day. Gamble named his male
lamb Static, and I named the female lamb Daisy. Eliza and Waggoner have names for the two cream-colored lambs that will arrive the end of May.

When I picked up our lambs, the owner of Flying Newf Farms, Brenda, gave me “three-bags-full” of raw wool she had shorn off her adult sheep in April. I plan to offer classes in preparation, spinning and knitting the wool (when I find teachers for these classes). There is a special process for washing the wool.

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