Class party @ 1818 Farms and Scavenger Hunt in Mooresville

Eliza’s class party was a tremendous success today! First the children went on a scavenger hunt around Mooresville that introduced them to our historic buildings while running off some energy. After identifying vegetables in my raised bed garden, they visited the farm. There they were allowed to gently pet the newly hatched chicks, the lambs, dogs, and kittens, and they fed the goats and chickens out of their hands. The children and their mothers were in awe of everything, especially the blue eggs in the hen nests.

After the petting and feeding activities, I gave all the children 1818 Farms tee shirts, and we all ate lunch in my unfinished garden house. Everyone had a WONDERFUL time! Soon I will be ready for my first reservation for a children’s party, but a smaller group next time.

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