Twickenham Fest Event at 1818 Farms

1818 Farms was proud to host a gathering of Twickenham Fest supporters last night. Twickenham Fest is a summer chamber music festival in Huntsville, Alabama. In 2010, co-founders Susanna Phillips and Matthew McDonald came together to bring the best young classical musicians to Huntsville. Each year, the Fest brings into Huntsville several Artists in Residence to engage students and adults in Outreach and Education events and perform concerts that are FREE to the public.

1818 Farms, along with Albany Bistro, provided a Farm to Table dinner for the guests as they enjoyed the performances by Susanna Phillips, Matthew McDonald, Myra Huang and Corey McKern.

It was a magical evening to say the least.

Special thanks to Shirley and George McCrary.

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