New Resident at 1818 Farms

We have a new animal on the farm - no name yet for a tiny black female pot-bellied pig, born August 20. We found her on Craig's List offered by a local farmer, who met us with his plastic tub full of piglets in the Walmart parking lot on September 5. Eliza chose the only black one and we drove home with her in my lap. After she drank some milk, and got most of it on herself, we bedded her down in the chick's brooder, nestled in some baby blankets. She was very nervous at first and still squeals loudly whenever we pick her up, but she has adjusted to her new home quickly. I am trying to gentle her a little by offering Cheerios as a treat. She enjoys being outside, running and exploring, and doesn't seem afraid of the other animals. The chickens were terrified of her at first, but now only one attacks her (see photo below). She is very neat, except for eating, and uses the small litter box of shavings when she is in the brooder. We don't know how big she will get, but we think she's already showing signs of being the queen of the barnyard!

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