Nancy in the Garden with Friends

Nancy Cloud of “Nancy in the Kitchen with Friends” filmed her cooking show at 1818 Farms today. Chef Jake Reed of Albany Bistro in Decatur and I prepared a delicious heirloom tomato pie and a marinated green bean salad outside in the garden where I planted and nurtured the vegetables we used in the dishes. As our lambs watched from an adjacent pasture, some of our curious hens wandered through the shots as Thad and Keith filmed the presentations.

Assisted by Rick Brown, manager of Albany Bistro, we created the salad with Yellow Pear tomatoes, and the following heirloom beans: French Garden, Chinese Red Noodle, Cherokee Trail of Tears, and Dragon’s Tongue, all marinated in olive oil, spicy basil, marjoram, oregano, and garlic powder. The tomato pie was made with the following heirloom tomatoes: Arkansas Traveler, Cherokee Purple, and Cor di beau. Seeing the beautiful display of my vegetables and knowing we are eating local and healthy makes all the hard work worthwhile!

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