Photo Shoots and Media

Are you looking for a unique location to host your next photo shoot? 1818 Farms offers many scenic photography options for your clients.

Wedding & Garden House Rental

Rent the 1818 Farms Garden House for your next event. The Garden House overlooks a field of lavender, fresh flowers and a garden of seasonal produce. Comfortably seating 26 people inside, additional party area outside can handle up to 200 more if needed. The perfect location for a countryside wedding.


1818 Farms
24889 Lauderdale Street
Mooresville, AL 35649
phone: 256.714.3220

We do not have set hours that we are open. However, we are available for scheduled Guided Tours. Please click here to learn more.

1818 Farms Products

Visit 1818 Farms Online Store to see our full line of Bath & Beauty and Home & Style products!

Visit our gardening blog to read about the latest activities in the garden.
Everyone who sees the wooly teddy bear faces of our Babydoll Southdowns has to smile!
We have four different breeds on the farm: Ameraucana, Buff Orpingtons, Australorp and Black Sex Link, all laying delicious eggs. If you’ve ever enjoyed the rich, buttery taste of a farm-fresh egg, you’ll never be happy with supermarket eggs again!
We offer the perfect unique gifts. Fresh cut flowers and eggs, hand made bath and beauty products, and seasonal decorations such as pumpkins and mums. 1818 Farms t-shirts available as well.
1818 Farms is the perfect place for children to have an exciting, hands-on farm experience with our rare Babydoll Southdown sheep, Nubian goat, Buff Orpington and Americauna chickens, miniature pigs, barn cats, and Great Pyrenees dogs.
Questions? Comments? Would you like to visit 1818 Farms? Join us for story time, host a party, participate in a gardening class or just visit the animals.
  • Where you have a plot of land, however small, plant a garden. Staying close to the soil is good for the soul. - Spencer W. Kimball