Working with the chickens

Working with the chickens
6 years, 2 months ago 0

This morning we let the hens out of the hen house into a small fenced-in area to let them get used to their surroundings. Then we had to catch them and move the fenced enclosure to another part of the yard so Stuart and Steve could start on the porch for the hen house. I wish you could have seen me and 6 1/2 foot Steve trying to corral those chickens! When we finally moved them into the new fenced area, two chickens immediately flew out. They are “free-ranging” after all. Hope they don’t wander down to the refuge and make a nice lunch for a coyote! At dusk they will all want to return to the hen house to roost.
Justice wants to play rough with the lambs, and Gilley is still trying to butt Static. The lambs are very talkative (loud baas). Kroaker goes into his stall to sleep but comes out every now and then to bark at the workmen.

Much to our surprise, the chicken that flew out of the pen this morning went back into the hen house and laid our FIRST EGG, a beautiful pale blue, in the nesting box, exactly as she was supposed to do! My dad placed white golf balls in the nests to make the chickens understand what these boxes are for.

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