Stuck in the fence

Stuck in the fence
6 years, 2 months ago 0

This morning when I went to the barn to feed the animals, the goat Socks got stuck in the fence palings trying to get out to the puppy’s food, and I had to get a hammer and remove the paling. I was panicky that he would break a leg. The goat Gilley is very jealous of the lambs and tries to butt them when I pay any attention to them. The lambs are adjusting; although we had to move them into a stall without shavings because Static was eating the shavings and getting bloated.

Tonight my dad brought over 10 free-range Ameraucana hens that will lay pale blue eggs. They are beautiful chickens! He will bring another breed of chicken next week. He had to wait until dark when the chickens came in from the field to roost before he could go into the farmer’s hen house and catch them. They squawked something terrible when he was trying to get them out of the cage and into our hen house. I guess riding 70 miles per hour down I-65 in the back of
a pick-up truck made then a little uptight!

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