Six Lambs Born at 1818 Farms this Spring

Six Lambs Born at 1818 Farms this Spring
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We had a busy spring this year, with six lambs born in April. First came our twins: “Rand” and “Stuart” (mother: Lulu; father: Thor). Next was “Jake” (mother: Sweat Pea; father: Kain). Then came “Lulu” (mother: Sugar; father: Kain). Followed by “Lotus” (mother: Buttercup; father: Thor). And finally, “Preston” (mother: Daisy; father: Kain).

We plan on keeping “Lotus” at 1818 Farms. She will enter our breeding program in two years. The other five are for sale. We would love to find great homes for these beautiful lambs. If you know of anyone interested, please pass along this blog and our information.

I have included a gallery of pictures below. You can check out more pictures from Hank Miller by clicking here.

"Stuart" - SOLD

“Stuart” – Codon-RR – SOLD

"Rand" -  Codon-QR - SOLD

“Rand” –  Codon-QR – SOLD

“Jake” – Codon-RR- For Sale – $450 – Can be dual registered (NABSSAR & Olde English)

“Jake” – Codon-RR- SOLD

"Preston" - Codon-RR  - SOLD

“Preston” – Codon-RR  – SOLD

"LuLu" - SOLD

“LuLu” – Codon-RR – SOLD

1818 Farms - 2015 Lambs - Lotus

“Lotus” – Codon-QR – STAYING @ 1818 Farms



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