Rail fence install, more painting, and new sod

6 years, 3 months ago 0

Today the Quality Fence men began installing the rail fence outside the wire fence. When they arrived, Justice jumped up on the fence to greet them and got a terrific shock from the electric wire running across the top and bottom. She yelped and yelped in pain running all around the pasture. Kroaker roused himself from his nap to bark and check on her, so maybe he will protect after all.

I primed the barn restroom, hoping to get it painted before Eliza’s class party on Thursday. Yesterday, for my Mother’s Day present, Laurence painted the floor of the classroom. The field is so very muddy from all the rain that Stuart is going to put down some sod in front of the door. Shirley has begun priming my office off the restroom in preparation for the mural she is going to paint.

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