Holiday Gift Box with Artisan Wool Sheep Ornament

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Are you looking for the perfect gift this year for that certain someone? Surprise those on your ‘extra special’ list with this unique Holiday Gift Box! In addition to the best selling and newly released items packed inside this curated gift, we have included one handcrafted artisan wool sheep ornament made with Southdown Babydoll sheep wool from 1818 Farms. This gift box is sure to pamper, please and bring memories for years to come. We will even include a handwritten note from you—just let us know what you would like to say.


A 4 fl oz jar of our Lavender Shea Crème
This luxurious moisturizer is composed of the most basic butters and is an item people love for their daily skincare routine. The 1818 Farms Shea Crème is our best-selling product and is known for its light and fluffy texture. A little bit of this fabulous crème goes a long way! There are just three ingredients in our Lavender Shea Crème: Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, and Lavender Essential Oil.

Bath Crush Mini in Reflect Scent
Our new Reflect Bath Crush brings a clean, evergreen, citrus scent to your bath. We have taken our popular Bath Crush and packaged it for single use. This product is more than your average soaking salt. 1818 Farms Bath Crush is a unique bath experience! This product combines the benefits of Epsom Salt and the moisturizing properties of cocoa and shea butters. Bath Crush is the perfect addition to your bath after a long day. To use, sprinkle entire contents into a running bath. For a convenient hand or foot soak, add contents of tube to a basin of warm water.
Weight: 2.2 oz 

Cuticle Balm
The 1818 Farms Cuticle Balm will help restore and maintain healthy hands and nails! It is made with only premium, simple ingredients. This blend of Beeswax, Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Carrot and Calendula Extract, and Lavender Essential Oil will really work as hard as you do. Weight: .5 oz

Kain’s LipKare
If you are looking for a lip balm that works, Kain's LipKare is the perfect product for you! When developing this recipe we created a lip balm that softens, lasts, moisturizes and is not waxy. We achieved this by blending Shea Butter, Coconut Oil and Grape Seed oil. The added spearmint essential oil gives this product just a tiny bit of flavor. You will love the oval/flat tube that fits easily into your pocket or bag without being bulky. Weight: .2 oz

Hand-Poured Coconut Wax Blend Traveler Candle (White Ember)
1818 Farms White Ember is a soothing and calm scent that brings warmth into any part of your home. We chose a coconut wax blend for our candles due to its natural properties, long, clean burn times, as well as excellent scent throw. This Traveler Tin features an approximate burn time of 18 enjoyable hours. Hand poured by us in Alabama and perfect for someone who is always on the go!
4.2 fl oz tin

Artisan Wool Sheep Ornament
This artisan-crafted wool sheep ornament is the perfect reminder of our precious sheep. Each Spring, we shear our flock of Babydoll sheep and are rewarded with soft and luxurious wool. The wool is hand-skirted, washed, carded, and spun into various textile mediums. Core spun wool brings the fluffy texture to this gentle rendering of our wooly Babydoll sheep. The hand-tied tassel is made from our wool that has been spun into yarn. The ornament is finished with wooden beads and cotton cord. Note: This item is for decorative purposes only and is not a toy. The core spun yarn will begin to lose its shape if handled frequently. Approximate ornament dimensions: 9.5 – 10 inches total length when hanging from loop. Artisan sheep measures approximately 1.5 x 3 inches. This gift box includes ONE artisan wool ornament. This handcrafted item is not a toy and should be kept out of reach of children. 

Read on for more information about the specific process used to create core spun yarn:
As part of our Zero Waste Initiative, we work each day to limit farm waste. One of the ways this applies to processing our wool is choosing to have our fiber mill create bulky and interesting Core Spun Yarn. This is a great option for fiber that otherwise might be unsuitable for traditional spun yarn and other wool uses. As the name implies, ‘core spun’ wraps carded wool around a strong cotton thread core, resulting in a thick novelty yarn. The ‘core’ is visible in the center of each small piece used to create these unique wool ornaments. Just as the fiber has been wrapped around the center core thread, it will also unwrap, so handle these beauties with care.

The sturdy keepsake box is finished with a festive green sheer ribbon and our 1818 Farms wax seal.

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