Chickens & Eggs

Chickens & Eggs

We have several different breeds, and all lay delicious eggs. If you’ve ever enjoyed the rich, buttery taste of a farm-fresh egg, you’ll never be happy with supermarket eggs again!

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Our Ameraucana hens are different colors – white or silver with darker gray flecks, red with white flecks, and black. They have beards around their beaks and muffs on their heads, making them one of the most distinctive breeds of chickens available. These facial features give them an appearance similar to a chipmunk. They lay beautiful pale blue eggs.

The Buff Orpingtons are a light reddish blond color and lay brown eggs. They are the ideal back-yard chicken because they are so calm and friendly, following you around the yard and allowing children to pick them up and carry them. If you have shoelaces, the Buffs will soon untie them, thinking they are worms.

The Black Sex Link hybrid chickens also lay brown eggs. They are planned crosses between the Rhode Island Red rooster and the Barred Rock hen and are hardier and more productive than their parents’ respective breeds. The hens have red mixed in with their black neck feathers.

The big beautiful black Australorp hens are champion egg layers and lay beautiful dark golden brown eggs. They were bred in Australia from the English Black Orpington stock and are just as calm and friendly as our Buff Orpingtons. Their soft glossy black plumage has hints of green and purple in the sunlight.

Our chickens roost and lay their eggs in a hen house. During the day they free-range, happily scratching and pecking to find insects and grain in the grass. We give them a mixture of special laying feed and oyster shell calcium supplement. Also some cracked corn.

We’ve raised three batches of chicks in a brooder. The first ones we bought commercially, and the second batch we hatched from fertilized eggs in an incubator. The third batch of seven fluffy chicks was hatched by one of our hens that sat on some purchased fertilized eggs. We soon moved her and her chicks out of the brooder to a protected pen.