New Chicks at 1818 Farms

New Chicks at 1818 Farms
6 years ago 0

We have new chicks! Our little Bantam hen hatched her “adopted” eggs last week and is being a good mama to her seven fluffy chicks. My dad is building a special pen for them so they can be outside.

Other updates: The new composter is “cooking” sheep manure and straw from the stalls, plus old vegetables. The hens are happy, enjoying cucumbers, squash, watermelon, and tomatoes along with their regular feed. They are laying more eggs now that the extreme heat wave has broken. Gamble likes to help collect eggs, and on Friday he put some in his secret hiding place in the SUV. When we find them they won’t be among the ones we sell! We think, hope, we have gotten rid of all the roosters. We sold two, gave away two, and ATE one.

And, speaking of the male sex, on Friday I took our three male goats to Dr. Little in Cullman to be fixed. I also took the two cats and Justice our female Great Pyrenees puppy. I’m sure I was quite a sight pulling up to his clinic in my SUV with three goats in a dog carrier, two cats in their carrier, and Justice sitting in the back with them all. Tomorrow, Monday, Shirley will take Kroaker to Dr. Little to be neutered. He has been showing too much annoying interest in Justice, and besides, life will be much easier on the farm if the animals are able to concentrate on entertaining us!

My lavender is blooming and should be ready for making bouquets and wreaths by late summer. The sheep are happily grazing and growing, and the new goats are adjusting beautifully. They are a joy because they are so affectionate.

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