Little Mama’s Palace

Little Mama's Palace
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The mama hen and her chicks have a home of their own now. My dad built a “palace” for this little Bantam hen who sat for three weeks, in the extreme heat, on eggs that were not her own. When we realized she was “broody” and was going to set, whether she had eggs or not, Dad got some fertilized egg from my Uncle Robert Chambers and we put them under her. The strangest thing happened about two weeks after they hatched: she realized that two of the chicks were yellow – not black like her – and she began attacking them! We have moved the two yellow chicks into another pen with some other young Rhode Island Red chicks and the four of them became fast friends.


The other hens have almost quit laying eggs in this heat, and now two more have “gone broody” and are setting on nothing but the golf balls. When a hen “goes broody,” she stops laying and focuses on the incubation of eggs. It’s a hormonal thing. It doesn’t matter to our hens that their eggs are not fertilized. We have been looking on the Internet for suggestions on how to stop a hen from being broody. We need them to get back to the egg-laying business! Besides, it’s not healthy for them to go three weeks without eating or drinking, except maybe once a day.

My dad also built individual feeding boxes with tethers for the goats so they will get the correct amount of feed. The bigger goats were crowding out the smaller ones. It was a total circus each morning at feeding time.

We planted much later than we intended.  I am so happy to announce that our sunflowers and zinnias are blooming.  I can’t wait to put together our first bouquets this week.

I met with Tommy Walker today and finalized plans for finishing the interior of the garden house.  Stuart South and I also began plans for our fire pit and outdoor seating area.  Everything seems to be coming together just in time for September classes and parties.





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