Kroaker arrives at 1818 Farms

Kroaker arrives at 1818 Farms
6 years, 5 months ago 0

I picked up Kroaker in my SUV and took him to the vet and then brought him to his new home – but without the goat. He was supposed to come tonight.

As long as we were with Kroaker around the barn he was fine, but when he was left alone he ran around and around the fence looking for people or other animals. So, we took turns staying with him until the girls were to bring the goat for company late this afternoon. But, we had to leave him to go eat supper, and while we were gone, he, somehow, squeezed his huge 125-pound body through the top rungs of the metal fence. (We found white fur on it.) When I came down after supper, he was sitting in a neighbor’s yard – how he got through the neighbor’s fence we don’t know either.

Pam and Marguerite weren’t able to bring the goat after all, but they squeezed Kroaker into their very small car to go back home with them until they find some baby goats for him to guard. He’s a sweet gentle dog; I just hope we can make him feel at home soon.

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