Kittens arrive

Kittens arrive
6 years, 3 months ago 0

Gamble, Eliza, and I got two very young orange kittens from Pam and Marguerite’s farm. The mama cat had abandoned them, so we adopted them. The children named them Hazel and Trouble. They will be our rodent control, we hope. Poor Kroaker thinks, “What are they going to expect me to protect next?!”

The chicken experts tell us barn cats need to be introduced to the chicks as kittens so they will grow up with them and not try to kill them.

And, speaking of chickens, we lost three more chicks last night. The goats jumped on top of the brooder in the stall and pulled out the heat lamp plug, and last night the temperature got so low that the chicks got too cold. We have now moved the brooder into the other stall. And, we have stopped naming the chicks.

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