Garden House finishing up and more chickens

Garden House finishing up and more chickens
6 years, 2 months ago 0

The workmen have almost finished the garden house. Just waiting for the inspection before they close in the walls over the wiring. Stuart and Steve finished the hen house, and the chickens are roosting and laying their blue eggs just as they should. During the day they are turned out and “free-range“ all over the yard, pecking and scratching for bugs.

Yesterday my dad brought 12 young Buff Orpington hens to add to our flock. They are big friendly chickens and a favorite back-yard breed. When mature they lay nice big brown eggs. These are a beautiful buff color, like a palomino. One of the Ameraucana hens that was already here is being mean to these new chickens. We think it’s the one Eliza named “Big Bad.” There are two young roosters in the group (because the farmer wanted to get rid of them), and they are really being mean to the new hens. We don’t want roosters because they crow loudly, and they “annoy” the hens, fertilizing the eggs. Eliza has bonded with one of them and carries him around like a doll. As she is petting and loving him, she says, ”I hope this chicken doesn’t grow up to be a rooster.”
I am driving to Kentucky today with my mom, Gamble, and Eliza to get our two white lambs, returning tomorrow afternoon. I’m leaving the care of the animals to Shirley and my dad.

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