Five new goats arrive!

Five new goats arrive!
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Yesterday we got FIVE more goats! Pam and Marguerite were having fence problems and so they gave us their smaller goats. Four beautiful Nubians: brown & white Calamity Jane, white Ted and Ned (both neutered), and white with tan ears, Farrah; and one pygmy goat, Frankie (for his blue eyes). Frankie is the brother of our goats, Socks and Gilley. These new goats are so gentle and sweet, especially Ted and Ned who were bottle-fed. They love to be petted and follow us around like dogs, unlike our independent, mischief-making Socks and Gilley!

June has been a vacation month for many farm workers, but most of us will be here – off and on – the rest of the summer. The animals are suffering in this extreme heat, seeking shade and panting, but so far no casualties. The hens aren’t laying many eggs in this weather. I worm the lambs and goats and trim their hooves once a month (with Shirley’s help). The chicks that hatched in the incubator are getting too big for the brooder and will soon have be out with the big chickens, even though they will be pecked until they work their way into the “pecking order.” There are definitely some “Alpha” hens in the group. Right now these chicks spend the day under a tree in a mesh tent that my dad bought at a yard sale for 50 cents! Unfortunately, some of the beautiful Buff chickens have grown into roosters and are beginning to crow and annoy the hens. They will be sold on Craig’s list.

The little black Bantam hen has been sitting on her nest, even though her eggs were not fertilized. When we removed her egg from her nest each morning, she would move to a nest with a golf ball in it and sit on that all day. So, my dad bought some fertilized eggs and put them in her nest. She has been faithfully and patiently sitting on them for several weeks. He is going to build some type of pen for the chicks and the good mama when they hatch.

We hope for rain every day. The pasture is drying up!

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