1818 Farms Signature Coffee | Light Roast | Big Bossy's Morning Coffee

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    Big Bossy is the first hen up every morning. Ease into your day with our feather Light Roast blend.

    Available in 12 oz bags of Grounds or Beans, we use 100% Arabica premium coffee beans for our 1818 Farms signature coffee.

    Why Arabica premium coffee beans? 

    In our opinion, the best tasting coffee is made from Arabica beans, which are naturally mild. Arabica coffee beans are known for a finer aroma, richer flavor and more body than coffee made from Robusta beans.

    Our coffee roaster sources the top 1% of green coffee in the world, in some cases purchasing the crop of one small farmer. This extra effort brings the best coffee from seed to your cup and also helps small farms; both of which are important to us at 1818 Farms.

    Looking for something stronger than our Light Roast? Be sure to check out our other blends: Celebration (Medium) and Black Wool (Dark).

    Looking for a flavored blend? Our Happy Day coffee is great for any time or setting.

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