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Are you looking for an incredible statement gift? Whether you want to show your appreciation for outstanding hospitality received or someone you love has just moved into their dream home, the 1818 Farms Heart and Home Gift Box is your perfect choice. This beautiful handmade in Alabama wooden keepsake box and its curated contents make the perfect ‘Thank You’ or ‘Thinking of You’ statement any time. This lovely gift box is packed full of unique and beautiful lasting items and includes some of our most popular body and home products. We’ve tucked tiny sugar lambs inside to make this gift even sweeter.

Let us know and we will include a handwritten note from you.


1818 Farms Coffee

Your choice of one bag of 100% Arabica premium coffee. Our 1818 Farms Signature Coffee comes in three distinct blends:

  • Big Bossy's Morning Coffee: Big Bossy is the first hen up every morning. Ease into your day with our feather Light Roast blend.
  • The Celebration Blend: Frolic like a lamb throughout the day with the help of our Medium Roast Blend.
  • Black Wool: Strong, stout, and dark. That describes our herd sire, Kain, and his luxurious wool as well as our Dark Roast blend.

Packaged in 12 oz bags of Grounds or Beans

Learn more about 1818 Farms Signature coffees


1818 Farms Premium Dish Towel

Add life and character to your kitchen with our farm animal themed dish towels. A perfect combination of form and function, these towels will make clean up less of a chore. Made from superior quality cotton, each towel features a pencil sketch drawing of some of 1818 Farms most popular residents. These towels are sure to become treasured classics in the kitchen.

100% Cotton; W 18” x L 28”


Handmade Pottery Mug

The perfect companion to 1818 Farms' Signature Coffee, this large handled mug is both beautiful and practical. Handmade especially for us in the USA. Dishwasher safe. Microwave safe.


Sabbath-Day Woods Personal Pastry Tray

This handmade tray is designed for your favorite breakfast pastry, with a spot just for your morning cup of coffee. Easily carry your scone and hot drink to the porch and take in the sunrise, or have breakfast in bed with everything in hand. Handcrafted in North Carolina from certified sustainable cherry wood.

Dimensions: 3/4" x 10.5" x 6"


Handcrafted Soap (your choice of scent)

Our cold process soap looks as beautiful as it smells! It is slab cut for a rustic edge and the Oatmeal inside brings gentle exfoliation with each use. Great for all skin types.

Weight - 4.8 ounces


Handcrafted Cedar Soap Block

This beautiful soap block is handcrafted in Alabama of natural cedar and is perfect for use at any sink or in the shower to extend the life of our soap.


Counting Sheep Linen & Room Spray

This soothing Lavender essential oil based spray can be used to freshen up the home, office, laundry room, car or bathroom. It only takes a few spritzes to transform a smelly place into a pleasant space! This product can also be used as a linen spray before bedtime.

120 ml (approximately 4 fl oz) of spray. For best results, shake before each use.


Handmade Sugar Sheep

Add a bit of sweetness to your cup. Handmade for us in Colorado by Artisan Sugars, one adorable sugar lamb equals one ‘lump’ to enjoy with your coffee or tea.

Includes: 2 sugar sheep


These treasures are beautifully presented in our reusable handcrafted in Alabama wooden box with fitted lid and a lovely sheer ribbon. Remember to send us your words for a handwritten note to go along with this special gift.

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