Baby Girl's Adventure at 1818 Farms Gift Set

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    Baby Girl’s Adventures continue! Share 1818 Farms and our very own Baby Girl with those you love. This gift includes an 1818 Farms Sheep Tote Bag, a Plush Baby Girl Lamb toy, Counting Sheep Linen & Room Spray, an 1818 Farms Logo T-Shirt, a Printed Canvas of Baby Girl (Size 8x8), and a small piece of our Babydoll sheep wool.

    Be sure to read the inspiration for this lighthearted and unique gift at Baby Girl’s Adventure at 1818 Farms webpage.

    Note: This item will not be able to ship until May 18.

    Tote Bag
    Carry your items in style with this 1818 Farms canvas tote featuring Sugar, Baby Girl’s mama, and the "cover girl" from our Counting Sheep Linen & Room Spray.
    Dimensions: 18" x 15", 100% Cotton

    1818 Farms Baby Girl Tiny Plush Toy
    Our lamb, Baby Girl, is busy at 1818 Farms and may even be getting into a bit of mischief, so here’s a soft and tiny Baby Girl plush toy for you to have at home! Designed to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand, this Baby Girl lamb toy is soft and cream-colored, with the most adorable face. She is even wearing her signature pink ribbon, just like the real Baby Girl! This Baby Girl toy is only 5 inches tall and her bean bag stuffing make her easy to balance in your hand or on a table or desk.
    Made by Aurora, a leader in plush toys, this Palm Pals lamb is constructed with all new, child safe materials and meets or exceeds all U.S. safety standards. Recommended for ages three and up, this small bean bag lamb stuffed animal is surface washable. Remove ribbon to surface clean.

    1818 Farms Counting Sheep Linen & Room Spray
    Not only is she Baby Girl’s mama, Sugar also has the sweetest, woolliest face of any of the sheep at 1818 Farms. Our gentle sheep, Sugar, is the “Cover-Girl" for the Counting Sheep Linen and Room Spray. Sugar promises to help eliminate unwanted odors and to awaken your senses with the sweet smell of lavender when you use her spray. This product can also be used as a linen spray before bedtime.

    1818 Farms Logo T Shirt
    Our very own 1818 Farms' logo T Shirt for this gift is available in several colors and sizes.

    Youth size T Shirts are featured in Sapphire (Blue) Gildan Heavy Cotton in Youth Sizes XS, S, M, and L

    Adult size T Shirts are available in Terracotta (Orange) Gildan Heather Softstyle in Adult Sizes S, M, L, and XL

    Custom Printed Canvas of Baby Girl
    Baby Girl is ready to jump into your arms in this sweet photo from 1818 Farms. This unique and custom printed canvas of our own special Baby Girl will bring delight to any room. Her sweet face is sure to bring a smile to yours.
    Canvas measures 8” x 8” and is stretched on a ¾” thick wood frame.

    1818 Farms Babydoll Sheep Wool
    A small bit of 1818 Farms Babydoll Sheep wool is tucked into a simple organza bag for you. Touch and see how soft and beautiful Babydoll sheep wool truly is! The wool comes from our 1818 Farms flock and is hand washed using an all-natural plant based cleaner. The wool is hand carded and dye free and may contain some vegetation. This is a natural occurrence and is frequently found in all natural-grown fibers.


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