Chicks begin to hatch

Chicks begin to hatch
6 years, 2 months ago 0

The fertilized Ameraucana eggs in the incubator in my laundry room are beginning to hatch. The chick uses its egg tooth to chip away, called “pipping,” at the inside of the shell, until it can kick off the shell and get out, all wet and tired. It keeps the egg tooth about two weeks.

The first picture is of the four chicks that hatched today, trying to get warm and dry in a washtub under a heat lamp. After a day or so they will be moved to the brooder in the barn (the one in which the goats pulled the plug on the heat lamp). The 6 remaining chicks in that brooder are now big enough to be moved to a house outside. In the second picture you can see the chick’s egg tooth pecking away at the shell. We could hear them cheeping inside their shells before they hatched! And in the third picture you can faintly see through the glare of the incubator glass the chick that has just hatched.
This is all amazing!

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