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Thanks to Pat Ammons (@PatAmmons1) for such a wonderful article, and Sarah Cole (@ssssarahcole) for the beautiful pictures!

First Annual Sheep Shearing Party at 1818 Farms
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Saturday was a glorious sunny day for family fun at the farm! Everyone gathered under the old Black Walnut tree in the pasture to watch our four Babydoll sheep lose their winter coats. Charlie Meeks, owner of Wehdo Sheep Farm, explained how the shearing is a natural process done gently with special blades, and that […]

Sous Vide Poached Eggs by Guest Blogger, Gary Tauss
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Being a farm owner, nothing excites me more than meeting another person who has a passion for slow, “real” food. A few weekends ago I ran into my friend Jeanie Tauss, who introduced me to her husband, Gary. We began talking about events that were happening at 1818 Farms and our conversation became focused on […]

Baby Chicks Arrive!
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28 female chicks arrived in the mail at our Post Office in a “cheeping” box. They will stay warm under their heat lamp in the brooder until they grow big enough to go outside in the chick pen. They have been vaccinated for diseases and we are hopeful they all will grow into beautiful and […]

1818 Farms Hosts Thanksgiving Entertaining Workshop and Luncheon
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November 9 was a beautiful day for our 24 guests to meet the friendly farm animals, feed the chickens, hear about flower and vegetable gardening, and enjoy a delicious lunch in the Garden House while learning new and easy ideas for Thanksgiving entertaining. Our guest host, LeeLee Wiginton of Lyn’s Gracious Goodness, greeted us with […]

1818 Farms Hosts Fall Entertaining Workshop
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We had a delightful day at 1818 Farms on September 28 at our Fall Entertaining Workshop and Luncheon. 24 guests enjoyed meeting the farm animals and seeing our lavender plants, flowers, and the vegetable garden. Then, to the Garden House where we were greeted by LeeLee Wiginton of Lyn’s Gracious Goodness and were served wine, […]

New Resident at 1818 Farms
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We have a new animal on the farm – no name yet for a tiny black female pot-bellied pig, born August 20. We found her on Craig’s List offered by a local farmer, who met us with his plastic tub full of piglets in the Walmart parking lot on September 5. Eliza chose the only […]

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The Decatur Daily ran a story on our farm a few days ago. Go here to read the story. A special thanks to Catherine Godbey @DecaturLiving, and John Godbey for the wonderful story and images. Below is some video from their visit.

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Last Sunday we took our three youngest goats to our church, First United Methodist in Huntsville, to represent the “Faith Promise” dollars that were collected to purchase goats for a South Sudan village where three of our church members are now on a mission trip. The goats will provide milk and cheese for the people in […]

Little Mama's Palace
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The mama hen and her chicks have a home of their own now. My dad built a “palace” for this little Bantam hen who sat for three weeks, in the extreme heat, on eggs that were not her own. When we realized she was “broody” and was going to set, whether she had eggs or […]