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REtv and The Bearded Realtor stop by 1818 farms for family farm day! Check it out!

Natasha joins Zack Walker of Revolved Realty and the Beyond the Beard Podcast to discuss the slow flower movement and upcoming events at 1818 farms!

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Natasha discuses her adventure with 1818 Farms and her experiences as a small business owner.

The Scout Guide: 24 Hours with Natasha McCrary of 1818 Farms

Ever wonder what 24 hours as a farmer, business owner, mother and wife is like? Natasha McCrary of 1818 Farms shared her typical day with The Scout Guide readers. Please follow this link to get a glimpse of what farm life is like for Natasha. Until you see 24 hours on paper you don’t realize how busy you are! […]

Prepping the 1818 Farms Flower Garden
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I like to think of Spring as the time when we nourish our garden each year. After allowing the garden to rest during the coldest winter months we begin the process of garden rejuvenation in late February. Our dream would be to have the garden cleared and a cover crop in place by early November. […]

1818 Farms Featured in Country Living Magazine
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We are honored that 1818 Farms and our Flower Truck is featured in the Country Living April, 2019 Issue – Live Your Dream. Thank you Country Living for sharing our story with your readers. We hope that this article inspires others to follow their dreams and do something in their lives that they are truly passionate about. […]

2019 Workshops, Dinners, and More

We are happy to announce our 2019 workshop offerings and special events as well as the dates for our “Dinner by the Blooms.”  We will also be offering a limited number of Bloom Stroll and Bouquet Workshops, Photography Workshops, a Yoga Retreat, as well as our annual Sheep Shearing. There are plenty of new and exciting workshops […]

Dynamic Duo: How A Kitchen Store And A Farm Partnered For Success
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Be sure to check out the latest issue of Gourmet Insider. In the November/December 2018 edition they feature a story on the creative partnership that has developed between 1818 Farms’ Natasha McCrary and The Cupboard’s Ginger Coble. “The two have blended their customer base organically and have been reaping the benefits of the partnership they […]

We've Been Scouted!
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We are honored to be a part of the newly launched The Scout Guide Huntsville. The Guide features many of the great businesses in our community! I would like to thank The Scout Guide Huntsville Team for working with us to capture the beautiful image above that represents the many aspects of our family farm. […]

1818 Farms Featured on Simply Southern TV Show

1818 Farms and Mooresville, AL were recently featured on the Simply Southern TV show. We were so happy to be included. They perfectly captured the charm of 1818 Farms and the town of Mooresville. Presented by Alabama Farmers Cooperative and Alabama Farmers Federation, Simply Southern inspires and educates viewers about farming, food and gardening while […]