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Thanks to Pat Ammons (@PatAmmons1) for such a wonderful article, and Sarah Cole (@ssssarahcole) for the beautiful pictures!

First Annual Sheep Shearing Party at 1818 Farms
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Saturday was a glorious sunny day for family fun at the farm! Everyone gathered under the old Black Walnut tree in the pasture to watch our four Babydoll sheep lose their winter coats. Charlie Meeks, owner of Wehdo Sheep Farm, explained how the shearing is a natural process done gently with special blades, and that […]

A Wet Wool Felting Party
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Recently, friend of the farm, Ava Bryant, celebrated a birthday with 11 of her best friends. They had a wonderful time at the farm meeting the friendly animals, gathering eggs, and making a wet wool felting craft from dyed sheep’s wool in the Garden House. They were very patient as they rolled and rolled the […]