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Class party @ 1818 Farms and Scavenger Hunt in Mooresville
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Eliza’s class party was a tremendous success today! First the children went on a scavenger hunt around Mooresville that introduced them to our historic buildings while running off some energy. After identifying vegetables in my raised bed garden, they visited the farm. There they were allowed to gently pet the newly hatched chicks, the lambs, […]

New Lambs arrive at 1818 farms
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This afternoon about 3:30, my mother Janice, Gamble and Eliza and I returned from Kentucky with our cream-colored lambs from Bluegrass Babydolls farm. They are adorable but still need some taming. And, they are so much bigger than our two black lambs. While we were at the farm in Kentucky, one of the owners showed […]

First of the Babydoll Sheep arrive at 1818 Farms
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Our two “black” Babydoll lambs have arrived! Gamble, my nephew Payne, and I traveled 10 hours to Tennessee and back today to get our first two lambs. They are the cutest animals I have ever seen! They look and feel like stuffed toy animals. Many townspeople were here to greet our newest additions to 1818 […]