Monthly Archives: April 2012

Barn work, Garden House work and herbs
6 years, 11 months ago 0

April 27, 28, and 30. There has been lots of construction activity at the barn. Stuart and his guys have run the water lines to the garden house and to the irrigation system in my lavender and rosemary field. I will use these herbs in my homemade soaps and lavender wreaths and bouquets. I will […]

Chicken house
6 years, 12 months ago 0

Today my chicken house, a utility shed, was delivered. Stuart is going to transform it into a cute “designer” hen house.

Garden House is underway
7 years ago 0

The concrete slab was poured for my garden house. Concrete also poured in the restroom at the barn.

Great Pyrenees puppy named Justice arrives
7 years ago 0

Shirley, Eliza and I traveled to Clanton today to get our 11 week-old Great Pyrenees puppy from Deborah Spivey who drove from Andalusia to meet us. Her name is Justice, and she is Kroaker’s trainee guardian dog. Since Great Pyrenees don’t live but about 8 years (and Kroaker is already 4) we wanted to have […]

Incubator for chickens
7 years ago 0

My dad brought an incubator with 41 fertilized Ameraucana eggs that are developing in my laundry room. I will keep most of the hens and sell the roosters that hatch from this batch. People will want to buy them paired with hens for breeding their own Ameraucana chickens. The hens lay pale blue eggs.

Kittens arrive
7 years ago 0

Gamble, Eliza, and I got two very young orange kittens from Pam and Marguerite’s farm. The mama cat had abandoned them, so we adopted them. The children named them Hazel and Trouble. They will be our rodent control, we hope. Poor Kroaker thinks, “What are they going to expect me to protect next?!” The chicken […]

Fence and Barn work
7 years ago 0

We began staining the picket fence that encloses the little “petting area” outside the stalls. Neighbors are stopping by to see our project. They are all excited for us – can’t wait for the fresh eggs – and everyone is amazed at how big and beautiful Kroaker is. I met with the plumber who is […]

Goats, Chickens and Kroaker Update
7 years ago 0

The weak “Silky” chick died during the night, so today Gamble and Shirley drove back up to Elkmont and got two more – a replacement and a spare. We hope these are females; we don’t want roosters fertilizing the eggs, although they are fine to eat if they are fresh, we are told. When grown, […]

Chickens at 1818 Farms
7 years ago 0

Today I drove with my sister, Natalie, and children to The Saddle Rack in Elkmont to get our chicks. They will grow into laying hens, we hope – if we got females. Some had been “sexed,” but not all. Wouldn’t you like that job? My dad built the brooder we are keeping them in […]

7 years ago 0

I met with my builder for the garden house where I will give raised bed gardening and food preservation classes, and have children’s parties. Another bad afternoon storm. I finally had to leave Kroaker to fix supper, but I closed the top stall door. Later when I went down to the barn to feed, Kroaker […]