Introducing Premium Gifting with 1818 Farms Select

Introducing Premium Gifting with 1818 Farms Select
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Great gift givers are known for their thoughtfulness and attention to detail, as well as their impeccable timing. Gifting well is an art, and giving a gift says a lot about you and your relationship with the recipient. Along with sending the right gift at the perfect moment, the personal touch of a handwritten note stands out in today’s high-tech times. Gift well and watch your business, professional and personal relationships grow stronger.

We created 1818 Farms Select to help you be the organization or individual who is known for giving the most thoughtful and memorable gifts. We offer carefully chosen gifts for your important relationships. You tell us who, what, when and where and we’ll take care of the rest. 1818 Farms Select gifts are carefully curated and are built with our excellent quality handmade products, along with premium lasting items that become keepsakes from you. We might also add something from our family farm, such as fresh or dried flowers, to enhance the presentation of your gift. We always include a handwritten note (written by you or us) with your gift and keep a record of every gift you send.

Did you know that there is a word for intentional, generous, spontaneous business and professional gifting? There’s even a book about it! It’s called Gift-ology, a term created by John Ruhlin. In the book, John explains the science of gift giving and how intentional gifting can move your business to the next level and strengthen your professional relationships.

Whether you are choosing gifts for your “Top 10”, your top tier, your emerging accounts or thanking those who refer business to you, intentional gifting is wildly effective. John also offers that the most memorable gifts come at random times and not with your logo attached.

This type of gifting requires your attention.

It has the potential to transform your business.

1818 Farms Select stands ready to help you.

To get started, contact Lisa at: or 256.489.0777. Or, fill out the form below the pictures.

Get more detail on our 1818 Farms Select Curated Gift Boxes here:

To learn more about gifting:

In Episode 14 of Acceleration Partners podcast, John describes effective gift giving. Click link listen to the podcast and access a free .pdf listing of the 10 Gifts to Avoid Giving Key Clients.


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